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Here is a music video I produced, filmed and edited for a song I recorded many years ago.

Here is a quote from a YouTuber regarding the film of an old Robert Johnson song:


“What I love about Robert Johnson’s music and your video is the overpowering blues message. Modern blues gives one the impression that you must play ’em and then leave ’em. But Johnson’s background is nothing like that. Instead, this bottomlessly bleak and yet somehow hopeful lament suggests that maybe, against all odds, we all won’t just die.

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"From the first shot of the needle being placed on vinyl, I loved this music video. One of the best I seen. A great song, with a soulful slide guitar play against amazing shots of moving trains. Well directed, shot and acted by Rudy and company, the editing is outstanding, with its beautifully constructed cross dissolving images. A clouded distant memory of love lost."

~Stephen P. Dunn, Assistant Director on several Oscar Winning Movies

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Here is a short designer ad for Dognacious.D Studios

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